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click hereContent An expert Guitarist and Musician

"What does it take to become a professional guitar player and Richest musician in Nigeria?" The solution remains an enormous mystery for that majority of musicians. Traditionally, the usual understanding has offered three separate statements which can be said to be answers or explanations for the question. I choose to call them what they're...MYTHS! These are beginning with the most common myth:

MYTH 1: If all musicians knew how you can take action [become professional musicians] then everyone would be doing the work.

MYTH 2: Musicians have to get lucky, get discovered, and to accomplish that they must be inside the right place in the correct time.

MYTH 3: Musicians need to be talented and possess key record companies contacts significant folks the music industry.

Like most guitar players of my generation, my friends and I (when we were in secondary school) believed every one of these so-called solutions to our personal questions about how we will make our records, tour the entire world as professional guitarists, become rock stars, etc, etc, etc,. Since we all knew nothing at all about how exactly the music activity industry really worked, the kinds of statements we been told by the adults around us (non-professional musicians who had been also clueless in regards to the record companies) seemed logical enough for us.

So along with doing everything that music students do (taking guitar lessons, studying music, playing music, practicing my instrument, jamming with friends, forming bands and longing for rendering it), I believed I needed to do greater than the obvious (improving being a musician). I needed to try to learn how to become a professional guitarist, how to create luck, how to know in which the right place and correct time is (and then figure out how to make it happen), how to get discovered, content more talented faster, and the way to make key contacts with folks in the music business.

Increasingly talented faster was the easiest task ever since i did have a really good music teacher who solved the problem dramatically increase the rate at which I improved my musical skills (you should check out that story here). But the many other things seemed out of reach (this hadn't help which i lived far away through the from the music centers in america.). My greatest perceived challenge was that almost everything I believed I desired to occur for me was out of my own, personal control (so I thought). In reality, my truly greatest problem was i was aimlessly chasing all of the wrong things (plus the wrong order).

Let's return to the standard wisdom (the myths concerning the music industry) and we'll observe how it's all wrong.

MYTH 1: If all musicians knew the way to do it [become professional musicians] then everyone will be doing the work.

This might not be more false. There are lots of guitarists nowadays who dream and desire to be professional musicians who are successful and famous, or whatever. Since I truly do know (and also have done) what it takes to become professional inside the music business, Furthermore, i realize that almost all people are not ready to do what must be done making it. Many discuss it, wishes for it and a few even check it out, but hardly any musicians possess the will to take accurate-consistent-forward-moving-intense-action over time. This is also the reason why a lot of people in America who want to be wealthy are not wealthy. (the opportunities exists for every American to become wealthy who wishes to be). The problem isn't in being aware what to complete. Ths issue for the majority of musicians is because they would not decide to do what must be done even if they did know what to do and how to do it.

MYTH 2: Musicians need to get lucky, get discovered, also to accomplish that they need to be within the right place at the proper time.

I possibly could discuss luck for a lot of hours, but instead, I'll just say this:

"Luck is the residue of design"


"Luck can be produced, directed, manipulated and controlled" (no less than in how it applies to our topic)

Being in the absolute right place at the right time is extremely, very, super easy to do. Did you ever hear of record companies showcases? Or Record Label showcases? Or MobFest? These are events (and there are many of these around the globe) in places you (You actually) could go to (to get a very small fee usually) and convey your songs, CDs, etc. and present them to music producers, music publishers, record company, A&R people, etc.

Before you get all excited about these opportunities, you need to know a very small number of the musicians who attend these events have you ever gotten anything out of it. Why? How do this be? Certainly there are many talented people there who are all within the right place at the right time. Why is it that very few disappear without anything significant after choosing key folks the music activity industry? Look at the answer before reading further......

Was the way to go something like this?: "Perhaps the record companies and music producers, are just looking for 2 guitar players or bands. Therefore 100 musicians attend the event, 98% of those musicians goes home with nothing." That would appear to seem sensible, but is that the way it is really????? No, it isn't!

Often times it is the record companies those who go home broke. They meet all of the musicians and most often choose not to use any of them. It is also vital for know that the background music industry is starving for brand new talent, with great music. Most of the musicians attending these events are incredibly talented and do have excellent, marketable music. So that it would appear that everything matches and deals could be made. However it doesn't generally work that way, it is not that simple. Music business companies aren't going to invest tens of thousands of dollars into an artist/band's music career unless these firms are TOTALLY CERTAIN they will produce a fortune (rather than lose their huge financial and time investments). Now, the truth happens. Which the fact is this: Investing large sums of income on Human Beings is incredibly risky. When music companies work with you, they are purchasing YOU - not merely your music. They need to be convinced that a great investment inside you will make them a small fortune with the least amount of risk. Yes, music publishers want good songs and music business want good music and musicians, but they want to discover the "right people". That will not suggest only a musician with a name.